The EORTC is funded through several sources including the EORTC Cancer Research Fund providing a core grant which is mainly supported by numerous national cancer leagues.

Since 1972, the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) has provided core support to EORTC Headquarters, and with this support a close scientific collaboration has been maintained to promote transatlantic research projects.

A core grant from the Fonds Cancer, FOCA (BE), provides support for the EORTC Headquarters staff.

EORTC Headquarters receives annual grants allocated by BELSPO (the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office) and by the Belgian National Lottery.

Funding for the Fellowship Program is obtained from several sources including the Vlaamse Liga tegen Kanker, the Dutch Konigin Wilhehmina Fonds Kankerbestrijding, the Schroeder Foundation, the Melvin Seiden Foundation, and the Pfizer Foundation (within the framework of the PROBE Project). This funding program is coordinated by the EORTC Cancer Research Fund.

In addition to support from the EORTC, fellowships for medical doctors are also provided on ongoing basis by the Fonds Cancer / FOCA (Belgium), since 1991.

On the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the EORTC (March 2012), a fellowship has been allocated by Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) to evaluate new models of partnership between academia and industry.

In addition, grants for EORTC research projects are received from the European Commission under the 6th and the 7th Framework Programme and the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI).

Clinical studies evaluating new drugs for potential registration or testing innovative therapeutic agents, including some educational projects, are conducted in cooperation with pharmaceutical industry partners.

Pharmaceutical industry sponsorship is also provided in the form of ‘unrestricted grants’ for EORTC conferences.

The finances of the EORTC include all accounts from the EORTC Headquarters as well as all EORTC Groups and Task Forces. These accounts are consolidated as required under Belgian Law. The EORTC accounts are audited by Ernst & Young.

The Academic Research Fund

The EORTC Board initiated an Academic Research Fund to support academic clinical trials or research projects submitted to the Board. Selected trials are academic in nature with inadequate or no funding from other sources. A final decision at the Board level is required based on the strategic/added value the proposed clinical trial brings to the overall EORTC strategy.

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