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EORTC 75111-10114 in breast cancer (PI: H. Wildiers): “Pertuzumab + trastuzumab (PH) versus PH plus metronomic chemotherapy (PHM) in the elderly HER2+ metastatic breast cancer population who may continue on T-DM1 alone following disease progression while on PH/PHM: an open-label multicentre randomized phase II selection trial of the EORTC Elderly Task Force and Breast Cancer Group”.
The principal objective of the trial is to evaluate the efficacy (as measured by progression free survival rate at 6 months) of pertuzumab combined with trastuzumab (PH) or PH plus metronomic chemotherapy (PHM) in an elderly metastatic breast cancer population. In case of progression, T-DM1 will be offered to all patients. Accrual of 80 patients is needed. The trial started patient enrollment in 2013.

The ETF has also just launched a very original and big project with large biomarker program in nursing homes in Belgium: EORTC 1221 (PI: H. Wildiers, M. Janssen Heijnen and M. Elseviers) “Cancer in elderly nursing home residents in Belgium: prospective cohort study including translational research to develop better prognostic tools to help with treatment decision in the elderly”.
The first aim of this project is to prospectively perform a descriptive analysis of patients in nursing homes with (suspected, new or already diagnosed active invasive cancer) cancer where a diagnostic or treatment decision has to be taken including information on demographics, referral patterns and motives for non-referral, anti-cancer treatments and survival. The second aim is to develop better prognostic tools (for survival) to help aid treatment decisions in the elderly. The recruitment started in 2014.

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