Gynecological Cancer Group

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Petronella Beatrix Ottevanger
Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre
Nijmegen, The Netherlands


Fernanda Herrera
Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois – Lausanne
Lausanne, Switzerland


Antonio Casado Herraez
Hospital Universitario San Carlos
Madrid, Spain

Executive Steering Committee:

A. Casado (ES)
N. Reed (GB)
P. Ottevanger (NL)
F. Amant (BE)
G. Kenter (NL)
S. Scholl (FR)

Clinical Research Physician: E. De Maio (BE)
C. Coens (BE)
Project manager: E. Peeters (BE)
Translational Research: S. Scholl (FR)
Young Investigator: S. Banerjee (GB)
Past Chair: N. Reed (GB)

Tumor Site Committees and other committees:

Cervix and Vulva: G. Kenter (NL)
Endometrium: F. Amant (BE)
Ovary: P. Ottevanger (NL)
Translational Research: S. Scholl (FR)
Quality control: A. Ferrero (IT)
Quality of life: E. Greimel (AT)
Surgery: E. van Dorst (NL)
Radiotherapy: F. Herrera (CH); E. van der Steen Banasick (NL)
Medical oncology/Chemotherapy: I. Boere (NL)
GCG-ROG Working party: F. Herrera, chair (CH)
Phase I/II Task Force: A. Wolfer (CH)
Survivorship subcommittee/ Fertility Working Party: E. van Dorst (NL); A. Nordin (GB); E. Greimel (AT)

Protocol Committee:

Chair Protocol Committee: A. Casado (ES)
Chair EORTC GCG: P. Ottevanger (NL)
Secretary EORTC GCG: F. Herrera (CH)
Chairs Tumour Site Commitees:  F. Amant (BE); G. Kenter (NL)
Chairs Specialty Committees: F. Herrera (CH); E. van Dorst (NL); S. Scholl (FR); E. Berns (NL)
5 top accrual: D. Katsaros (IT), N. Reed (GB); J van der Velden (NL); F. Landoni (IT); P. Debruyne (BE)
Clinical Research Physician: E. De Maio (BE)
Statistician: C. Coens (BE)

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