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Imaging data have the potential to provide information on disease profiling pertaining to diagnosis, prognosis, selection of therapy, monitoring of response to therapy and pharmacokinetic information of drugs. The Imaging Group (IG) operates to establish and maintain the scientific and clinical value of advanced imaging. Moreover, the IG has and will develop specific analytical and review procedures as well as quality control procedures, in the context of clinical trials conducted by the EORTC groups.

The main foci of IG activities are:

  • Liaising with EORTC Disease Oriented Groups concerning imaging in clinical studies;
  • Conducting scientific research projects:
    • The Innovative Medicine Initiative QuIC-ConCePT (Quantitative Imaging in Cancer: Connecting Cellular Processes with Therapy) project;
    • Developing a “RECIST” (Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors) equivalent for bone metastases.

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