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In the past, the EORTC Lymphoma Group has conducted trials in the area of malignant lymphomas, both Hodgkin and non-Hodgkin. Mainly due to national initiatives, the LYMG has been forced to focus only on the treatment of patients with Hodgkin Lymphoma (HL).

HL is a rare disease. When treated correctly a high cure rate can be achieved. However, late toxicity (second cancers, cardiovascular diseases, fatigue) has become a major concern. New trial initiatives are aimed at reducing both acute and late toxicity while maintaining high cure rates.

The scientific strategy of the LYMG is explored at LYMG Scientific Steering Committee (SSC) meetings:  ongoing studies are evaluated and new initiatives are discussed. The SSC is organized in 7 work streams: Early HL  (J. Raemaekers), Advanced HL (M. Hutchings), Radiotherapy (B. Aleman), Survivorship/Long term effects (M. van der Kaaij), Elderly (J.W. Baars), Relapsed HL (G.W. Van Imhoff), Biology & Translational Research (A. Diepstra). Our goal is to achieve a better basis for personalized treatment of newly diagnosed patients with HL that gives the best chances for survival with minimal toxicity taking into account the patient’s prognosis, individual characteristics, and personal preferences.

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