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The RT Technologists Section is part of the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) Radiation Oncology Group (ROG) and has been putting efforts into building a European network of RTTs. According to their specific field of expertise, RT technologists are increasingly involved in projects, and in review of trial protocols. They also participate actively in the QART strategic committee and in other multidisciplinary committees. The RT Technologists Section presents her activities during the annual Radiation Oncology Group meetings and has a parallel scientific meeting of its own. RT technologists are also challenged to take on responsibilities regarding the introduction and quality assurance of EORTC trials within their own departments.

Board and Representation in the Radiation Oncology Group

The RTT-board consists of 7 persons including a Chairperson and Secretary. The Treasurer has a combined function for ROG and RTT-section together. These officers shall normally serve for a term of three years and are elected in accordance with the Statutes of the EORTC. The RT Technologists Chairman is a non-voting member of the Executive Committee and an ex-officio member of the ROG Steering Committee. As such, he represents the Section, presents the projects and reports on the activities to the ROG Steering Committee. Day to day matters can be directly reported to the ROG Executive.


Other specific tasks divided within the RTT-board are Projects, Quality Assurance and Research.

The projects supervisors play a key role in the initiation of new RT Technologists projects. The group will review the standard Radiotherapy protocol text and Radiotherapy Form for future EORTC trials. In case of a new trial, the edited version of the Radiotherapy protocol text and Form will be commented upon by RT Technologists experts. The RTT section is momentarily occupied with its ambitious Delineation Project of Organs at Risk with the ultimate goal of producing an atlas of guidelines. This useful but immense task is being carried out under the authority of the EORTC.

Scientific Meetings

Parallel to the regular Radiotherapy Oncology Group (ROG) meetings, the RT Technologists Section organizes international symposia during which RT Technologists can present results of their own research activities. The symposia always deal with topical subjects that have significant impact on the work of RT Technologists. The symposia also serve as a platform. During interactive sessions, RT Technologists can discuss concepts for new research, exchange opinions and comment on various subjects that are of special interest for the Section.

International representatives and experts

The RT Technologists Section puts an effort into building an international network of RT Technologists. This network consists of local and national representatives, members and experts. Local representatives will prepare their own departments for new EORTC protocols. They monitor the data collection process and make sure research data is returned to the EORTC conclusively and complete. National representatives connect the board to the local representatives and play an important role in crossing the language barrier. RT Technologists from participating institutes can take on responsibilities as a member in activities and projects of the Section, while some of them will be consulted as experts for reviewing EORTC protocols and take part in RT Technologists’ supplementary research.

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