EORTC Head and Neck Group: Young Investigator’s Program

The EORTC Head and Neck Group launched its young investigator’s (YI) program for the term 2019 to 2021.
During the last meeting in November the HN group decided to accept all applications (that are supported by the correct documents).

The aims of the YI program are:

  • To increase participation of young physicians interested in head and neck cancer in the HNCG
  • To increase the visibility of HNCG within EORTC and outside
  • To promote cross-fertilization among other YI groups within EORTC

Foreseen activities of the YI HN group are:

  • improving visibility of the HNCG and its activity on social media (FB, twitter, etc) through announcements of group activities and meetings, overview of existing projects and similar activities (in close cooperation with the EORTC communication group)
  • creating a monthly newsletter to comment on recent achievements of the group (and more in general in regard to news in HN cancer) and circulating it among members.
  • Promoting Webinars and other tools to create periodic discussions around a topic in HN cancer research or commenting on ongoing EORTC trials
  • Proposing new studies, as it happens in other disease-oriented groups
  • Creating surveys and other tools to increase the knowledge on specific HN cancer related issues

The call for participation to the group will remain open, without deadlines.

The main requirements to be part of the EORTC YI-HN group are:

  • Being a member of the EORTC HN group
  • Having a committed mentor, who is an active member of the EORTC-HNCG
  • Belonging to any medical specialty dealing with HN cancers
  • Maximum age 45

You are invited to submit your application to the group by writing an e-mail to the EORTC HNCG containing:

  • a complete application form (please find it here)
  • a motivation letter, explaining why you want to be part of the YI HN group
  • a brief CV
  • a letter from your mentor (for new people participating to HN group).

We expect that this program will help increasing the activities and visibility of HN group and we are looking forward to your active contribution!

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