The EORTC ROG RTQA is looking for a new physics chair

The EORTC RTQA team is looking for a medical physicist to chair the RTQA team. This position, held in collaboration with the radiation oncologist chair, offers the opportunity to expand your professional network, meet enthusiastic experts and gain broad knowledge in all fields of oncology, in strict collaboration with the radiation oncologist chair. The RTQA chairs determine the overall RTQA strategy in all EORTC trials, mentor EORTC research fellows and coordinate RTQA research together. The successful candidate will also be on top of all EORTC Radiation Oncology Group (ROG) trials by becoming an officer of the group. The position is on a voluntary basis and requires a certain commitment of time and availability to travel and participate in 2 to 3 annual meetings for a total of 3/5 days a year.

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