EORTC/ESSO Surgery Fellowship Program 2020-2021

The EORTC/ESSO Fellowship program does not merely provide training in clinical research methodology for physician or statistician fellows. It also offers them a chance to use EORTC’s rich databases to work on publications that will be of mutual benefit to EORTC and the individual fellows.  EORTC/ESSO fellows acquire a high level of expertise in clinical research methodology that can contribute to future career success. In addition, all research work is performed internationally, which promotes a rapid spread of clinical trial results.

The EORTC headquarters offer a highly stimulating, professional and friendly atmosphere in an international environment.

In 2015, the SURCARE initiative, a partnership between EORTC and ESSO was designed  to  develop high quality prospective surgical research and clinical trials. EORTC and ESSO share a common vision to improve the quality of surgical research in Europe. They also have complementary expertise: ESSO with its huge network of surgeons, scientific guidelines for high quality surgical care and an extensive educational portfolio; EORTC with its expertise in the scientific and operational aspects of international multidisciplinary clinical research. A partnership was established between the two to build  an infrastructure both to guarantee  quality assurance (QA) in prospective clinical trials (medical and surgical trials) and also to initiate prospective surgical trials and studies. Through SURCARE, ESSO and EORTC articulate the need for more precision in cancer surgery through prospective, high quality but feasible research that focuses on outcomes most relevant for individual patients. JCOG, world leaders in surgical trials and quality assurance  in Japan have also become an important partner for SURCARE.

Main aims and tasks

  • The EORTC/ESSO offer a one-year research fellowship project in clinical research surgical oncology which aims to investigate the development of new therapeutic strategies in cancer patients.
  • The fellow will be involved in the scientific coordination, supervision, clinical data collection, analysis and interpretation of open clinical trials and as well manuscript writing and establishment of new projects within the domain of cancer clinical research.


  • Be a Medical Doctor, Surgeon (general, Breast, GI, etc.)
  • 35 years maximum
  • Have a focus or interest in cancer clinical research
  • Preferably has clinical research background
  • Be fluent in English
  • Be computer literate
  • Be able to work in an international environment
  • Have excellent communication skills and team spirit

Please send your curriculum vitae and cover letter in English and 2 letters of recommendations.

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