Fellow in Radiation Oncology and Quality Assurance in Radiotherapy (RTQA)

EORTC promotes multidisciplinary cancer research in Europe. EORTC research is conducted in over 300 university hospitals in 32 countries. Its network of investigators comprises more than 2500 scientists and clinicians collaborating in 20 multidisciplinary groups. EORTC walks closely together with patients through phases from cancer diagnosis, treatment, and their psychosocial experience after cancer.

The EORTC with the collaboration of the Emmanuel van der Schueren (EvdS) fellowship  program  offers to a scientist in training the possibility of being involved in quality assurance (QA) in clinical trials focusing on radiotherapy for a period of 1 year. Working as a fellow will provide an increased understanding of the methodology of modern clinical research, an optimal knowledge of the requirements for modern radiotherapy in the framework of prospective studies as well as in daily practice and the acquaintance with all the skills necessary to perform quality assurance in clinical trials. Presentation and publication of the results of implementation of quality assurance measures is mandatory and the acquired knowledge and skills will be of use to the EvdS Fellow in his/her later professional activities.

Quality assurance in radiotherapy (RTQA) is a key aspect of the treatment of cancer patients with radiotherapy. It is defined by all of those procedures that ensure consistency of the RT prescription and the safe fulfillment of that prescription with regard to the dose to the cancer and organs at risk, minimization of exposure of personnel, and patient monitoring aimed at determining the results of treatment within or outside the framework of a clinical trial.  For the latter, radiotherapy delivery have become more complex and clinical trial data are consequently more prone to protocol violations which may have an impact on tumor control and/or radiation-induced toxicity. As such, RTQA performed within a clinical study is aimed at defining the range of acceptable deviations, detecting potential causes for larger deviations, and developing mechanisms of action for correction and prevention of these deviations. The goal is to reduce variability and uncertainties related to the different steps of treatment planning and actual patient irradiation, including but not limited to patient positioning, correct beam delivery output and precise dose delivery to the cancer.

This position would ideally suit a candidate who has an interest in developing new trials and projects in the field of radiotherapy.An ideal candidate should:

  • be a radiation or medical oncologist (alternatively, clinical oncologist) in training
  • have a focus or interest in cancer clinical research and especially in radiotherapy and quality assurance in radiotherapy
  • preferably has clinical research background
  • be fluent in English
  • be computer literate
  • be able to work in an international environment
  • have excellent communication skills and team spirit

Scientific supervision will be provided by the mentor designated by the EORTC Radiation Oncology Group and regular meetings between the fellow and the mentor are expected. The work of the EvdS fellow is performed in Brussels at the EORTC HQ with direct supervision for practical activities by the EORTC HQ senior staff members and RTQA Manager. Participation to conferences/training outside of Brussels is possible.

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