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A One-Day Journey through EORTC Activities

Brussels, BE

New at EORTC?
Discover the myriad of EORTC activities which support and make cancer clinical trials successful.

This one day journey introduces the strategies and principles for collaboration with the EORTC and is a rewarding trip for newly participating EORTC members (investigators, data managers, research nurses, etc.) as well as industry representatives.

The journey begins with an introduction to the EORTC and proceeds to the conception and design of a clinical trial, statistical design and methodology, and data collection tools. Essential elements are introduced, radiotherapy quality assurance, translational research including biological materials and imaging, regulatory process, and operational challenges, and aspects ensuring good clinical trial conduct are detailed, quality assurance and quality control, pharmacovigilance, and medical review. The EORTC Independent Data Monitoring Committee, clinical study reports, and publication of trial results are discussed.

More information on the course website.