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EORTC Cancer in Elderly Task Force

EORTC Cancer in Elderly Task Force Spring Meeting

Virtual Event

The EORTC Cancer in Elderly Task Force Virtual meeting will be held on 7 May 2021 from 13:00-16:00 CEST and is only open to individual or site staff members of the group.

Registrations for the meeting are open and the link was sent by email. In case you are an individual or site staff member of the EORTC Cancer in Elderly Task Force, and you have not received the registration link, please contact events@eortc.org.


13:00 EORTC New Governance / Network Relationship Officer’s presentation
14:00 Welcome / New officers
A. Brunello, L. Dal Lago
14:10 Proposals and studies in development
A. Brunello (on behalf of W. Van der Graaf), E. Le Rhun
14:30 Ongoing / closed studies
H. Wildiers, H. Schmidt
15:00 Update on position paper
A. Brunello
15:10 Brainstorming about potential new areas for research