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EORTC Head and Neck Cancer Group

EORTC Head and Neck Cancer Group Virtual Meeting

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8.30-8.35 Opening & Welcome Christian Simon

New proposals

8.35-8.50 PBG proposals:

  • Translational aspects of therapy resistance in head and neck cancer

Teresa Steinbichler

  • Head and neck cancer: prevention/early diagnosis biomarkers on high-quality biological material collected and stored according to innovative ACC-BBMRI SOPS
Angelo Paradiso
9.05-9.20 Phase II Trial: evaluation of activity of ADT (bicalutamide/triptorelin) and abemaciclib in patients with recurrent and/or metastatic AR expressing SGCs Daniele Generali
9.20-9.35 Adjuvant treatment for salivary duct carcinoma Carla Van Herpen
9.35-9.50 Combining IAP inhibition with radiotherapy in locally advanced head and neck cancer patients unfit for cisplatin Sjoukje Oosting
9.50-10.05 WOO study monalizumab + cetuximab Carlo Resteghini

Recruiting studies

10.05-10.20 SPECTA project: IMMUcan Athenais van der Elst/Marie Morfoauce

Studies under development

10.20-10.35 IMPERATOR v2.0 Johannes Langendijk
10.35-10.50 Nasopharyngeal Cancer Portal Paolo Bossi
10.50-11.05 2028 – Alpha TAU, neoadjuvant DaRT for locally advanced oral cavity SCC Aron Popovtzer

Coffee break

11.25-11.40 2003 – Niraparib+pembro vs pembro alone in R/M HNSCC Amanda Psyrri
11.40-11.55 RP-2030 – EuroHNPACT Pierre Saintigny
11.55-12.10 2014 – Pembro and RT for oligometastatic HNSCC Panagiotis Balermpas
12.10-12.20 Survey Results: treatment of Rec/Met HNSCC in time of immunotherapy Konrad Klinghammer
12.20-12.30 Survey results of the young investigators group: contouring guidelines for head and neck cancer radiotherapy Daan Nevens
12.30-12.45 2047 – SPECT-CT guided elective contralateral neck treatment, phase III RCT for lateralized oropharyngeal cancers John de Almeida

Studies in Follow-up

12.45-13.00 EORTC-1219-ROG-HNCG Vincent Gregoire

Recruiting studies

13.00-13.15 Questions & Answers on recruiting studies Christian Simon/ Sjoukje Oosting
13.15-13.20 Closing remarks Christian Simon/ Sjoukje Oosting