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Pharmacology & Molecular Mechanisms Group (PAMM)

EORTC-PAMM one-day educational course

Verona, IT

(Pre)-clinical pharmacologyof anticancer drugs made (amusingly) simple

With practical sessions on data analysis & OMICS data


  • How to perform pharmacological studies in vitro
  • To combine or not to combine: analysis of drug interactions
  • Realistic preclinical approaches: hypoxia and 3D models
  • How to navigate among the -OMICS data and their correlation with pharmacological data
  • Drug development, after the NCI-compounds initiative
  • Neighborhood matters: new tools for co-culturing cancer cells
  • Introduction to pharmacometrics
  • Pharmacometrics with immunotherapy
  • PK, PD, first dose and schedule selection in phase I
  • New types of clinical studies

More information on the Course website.