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Milan, Italy

European Advanced Courses of Higher Qualification in Advanced Diagnostic Neuroradiology, Glioma Imaging

Milan, IT

Neurooncology is one of the areas that has benefited most from the tremendous advances in MR imaging and its powerful techniques. Recent progress in understanding tumour biology have deeply influenced the way in which gliomas are classified. They are also transforming their surgical and medical management.

This course will address these important and exciting developments and the impact on the early diagnosis on gliomas, the pre- and intra-operative planning and the post-operative monitoring in terms of clinical management, clinical trials and experimental therapies.

The course will be held at the San Raffaele Congress Centre in Milan (Italy). San Raffaele is a clinical research university hospital established in 1971 to provide international-level specialized care for the most complex and difficult health conditions. The university is the top-rated medical school in Italy. It is one of the few Italian universities in biomedical research where there is a close interaction between basic and clinical research units, hospital divisions and teaching. Both university and hospital are regarded as a point of reference in the field of Neuroscience, Neurology, and Neuroimaging in Italy. In particular, the Neuroradiology Department has a long-standing expertise in the field of clinical and experimental oncology.

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