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Milan classification and pre-operative tools for salivary gland tumours: implications in the treatment.

Summary: Salivary tumors encompass many histological types, each of them distinguished by typical clinical features, behavior, and treatment outcomes. Given this large variety, an accurate pre-operative management is a required step to choose the best treatment option. More recently, a strong effort has been made to implement the cytological evaluation with the Milan system for reporting salivary gland cytopathology (MSRSGC). This new tool, currently under investigation, aims to allow a good stratification for risk of malignancy among salivary tumors and standardize the choice of treatment. Nonetheless, ancillary tests are showing excellent improvements in misleading samples.

17.00: EORTC Group presentation by Paolo Bossi
17.10: EORTC YI Webinar Group presentation by Neus Basté
The Milan classification and other pre-operative tools for salivary gland tumors: implications in the treatment.
17.15: Young speaker: Francesco Mazzola, MD
17.50: Senior speaker: Vincent Van Der Porten
18.00: Questions/Remarks

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