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Tokyo, Japan

JCOG-EORTC symposium

Tokyo, JP

(5-1-1, chou-ku, Tsukiji, Tokyo, Japan)

Nowadays international collaborations are strategically important to take up the challenges of modern clinical research such as but not limited to multidisciplinary quality assurance programs and sub group fragmentation of diseases. Intercontinental academic trials between Europe and Asia are demanding but have been structuring and rewarding for knowledge development and cross expertise. Based on this shared vision, EORTC initiated a collaboration with the Japan Clinical Oncology Group (JCOG), the largest cancer research cooperative group in Japan and several projects including a research fellowship exchange program have already been ongoing.
As part of this partnership, a JCOG-EORTC symposium will take place in Tokyo, on 1-2 December, 2017. The purpose of this symposium is to deepen the mutual understanding about the current perspectives of both cooperative groups and strengthen this initiative in order to promote further collaborative projects which can impact on the larger number of cancer patients.