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AYA patients registered

EORTC wants to develop a sequencing project targeting specifically young adults (12 to 29 years old) with rare cancer to understand better the biology of the tumor in this specific population, and compare it to children and adults with similar disease and to improve the inclusion of young adults into clinical trials.

Brain: 5*
Sarcoma: 28*
Pending cohort allocation: 2*

IMMUcan patients registered

The goal is to generate broad molecular and cellular profiling data of the tumour and its microenvironment from cancer patients integrated with clinical data, to understand how the immune system and tumours interact, and the impact of current therapeutic interventions.

Lung: 16*
Renal: 2*
H&N: 2*
Pending cohort allocation: 9*

Arcagen patients registered

This is a collaborative project between EORTC and EURACAN, to perform molecular characterisation of rare cancers patients, using Foundation Medicine tests. The goal of this project is to get a better understanding of the genomic landscape of rare cancers and potentially help define possibilities for targeted treatments/clinical trials for this population.

Global registration: 42*

* October 2019