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January 2018
EORTC Conferences & Meetings

IDMC Interactive Workshop

Brussels, BE

What you need to know to serve on them, report on them or receive reports from them

An Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) is a group of independent experts external to a study assessing the progress and accumulating safety and efficacy data of a clinical study during its course. The committee assesses the risk-benefit balance of the study and makes recommendations concerning the trial’s continuation, modification and/or publication . To date there are not enough qualified experts to sit on these committees and most of the time the roles and responsibilities are poorly understood by those conducting clinical trials. This workshop aims to train clinicians and other clinical trial specialists involved in cancer studies on how to interact with and, ultimately, become a member of independent data monitoring committees. The workshop will provide insights into the functioning, roles and responsibilities of IDMC through interactive discussions and worked real life examples; preparing the next generation of investigators and methodologists for cancer clinical trials.

More information on the course website.

Under the EORTC Auspices

13ème Biennale Monégasque de Cancérologie


More information on the conference website.

February 2018
EORTC Groups Conferences, Pharmacology & Molecular Mechanisms Group

39th EORTC-PAMM Winter Meeting

Rome, IT

More information on the conference website.

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