The EORTC governance provides governing bodies that have clear and well-delineated roles and responsibilities. Their methods of functioning and interaction enable enhanced communication between all parts of the Organisation.

The reasons for this governance are to provide the Organisation with the capacity to gear up for the 2020-2030 decade and to meet its scientific, regulatory, and economic challenges, whilst developing the capabilities of the Organisation with the matchless assets of multi-disciplinarity, coverage of a large number of cancer types, and internationalism. The lean organisation of the EORTC allows tight connections between its disease and technology Groups and Task Forces as well as with the clinical and translational research infrastructures developed by the EORTC Headquarters. This further ensures enhanced relationships and the optimisation of knowledge and expertise between these Groups and Task Forces in the interests of a more interactive network.

A Scientific Chairs Council (SCC) has been created in 2020 to drive EORTC scientific strategy and set the associated priorities. The SCC is the forum where the leadership of the EORTC Groups and Task Forces can pull together all their expertise so that they are able to address the major contemporary oncological challenges, as well as to work collaboratively in an optimal manner across tumour types. The Board will ensure that the means to deliver the scientific strategy are addressed through the EORTC operational and financial Policies.

The EORTC governance provides the Organisation with the capacity to evaluate its added value and its optimal positioning in the oncological landscape. It ensures the appropriate deployment of the Organisation and its partnerships with the non-commercial as well as commercial sectors. It further raises the Organisation to the next level in cancer policy activities and enables the Organisation to enhance its role and interaction with policymakers and regulators.

GA: General Assembly; AC/FC: Audit/Financial Cttee; NC: Nominating Cttee; ExCo: Executive Cttee; SAC: Scientific Audit Cttee; CEO: Chief Executive Officer; PRC/TRAC: Protocol Review Cttee/ Translational Research Advisory Cttee; IDMC: Independent Data Monitoring Cttee G: Group; TF: Task Force