European Organisation for
Research and Treatment of Cancer

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60 years

Network of
3400+ scientists

Present in
50 countries

100+ studies
in follow-up

40+ ongoing

260+ experts
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Latest news

  • Rare-disease-day

    EORTC: Advancing research and treatment for rare cancers

  • 20-year-fellowship-report

    EORTC Fellowship Programme: celebrating more than 20 years of impactful collaboration

  • Appointment of Malte Peters as EORTC Strategic Alliance Officer

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Upcoming events

  • Clinical Trial Statistics for Non-Statisticians

    Clinical Trial Statistics for Non-Statisticians

    Brussels, BE

  • 36th EORTC-NCI-AACR Symposium

    Barcelona, Spain

  • Past events

  • Cancer Medicines Forum - Workshop

    Cancer Medicines Forum workshop

    Amsterdam, NL (Hybrid Event)

  • EBCC-14-Save-The-Date

    14th European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC-14)

    Milan, Italy

  • Highlights

    • Annual-Report-2022

      Publication of 2022 EORTC Annual Report

    • Manifesto - Illustration


    • EORTC Practice Changing Trials

      Practice Changing Trials

    • EORTC Cancer Research Fund


      EORTC Cancer Research Fund