Membership at EORTC

A single hospital or university, and often even national research organisations, cannot fund extensive and comprehensive studies in the wide field of clinical research. This research is best done when medical scientists and clinicians join forces around patients’ needs in multidisciplinary, international efforts.

EORTC occupies a unique space among independent clinical trial sponsors by harnessing a network of global experts, acting across a number of different cancer types.

The EORTC member network is organised into groups of scientists and clinicians, each with a specific area of interest in cancer research.

They include clinical investigators, study coordinators, translational researchers and laboratory scientists.
These groups conduct translational research and clinical trials on all types of cancer, using a multidisciplinary approach, within the EORTC legal geographical area.

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Active EORTC membership enables individual specialists within an institution to take part in EORTC clinical trials, leadership within the network and organization. Active and Affiliate EORTC members are granted participation to EORTC groups meetings, conferences and training.

Membership is granted based on personal and institutional track records, as well as specific criteria around research quality. Staff members working closely with the member on EORTC research are entitled to attend the group meetings without compulsory membership. At any time they can apply for individual membership.

All members have to agree on the EORTC Terms and Conditions.

How to become a member

The main criteria for individual membership are:

  • Working in a qualified institution in the field of cancer research
  • Having obtained adequate qualifications documented by a signed and dated CV in English, when applicable documented GCP training
  • Active members can be considered when working within the EORTC legal geographical area
  • Affiliate membership is applied to individuals working outside the EORTC legal geographical area.

Membership status is presented to the EORTC Board, which meets once per year, in a report issued by the membership secretariat.

Also note that to apply as an EORTC member, your institution should tick the following criteria:

  • Being non-commercial
  • Having adequate infrastructure or access to infrastructure, to perform high-tech clinical research
  • Adequate track record of participation in international research, both academic and industry driven.

EORTC members can express their main fields of interest that can be adapted at any time in order to have access to the research of interest.

Participation to research can be as principal investigator in a clinical trial, or in translational research programs.
Though membership to EORTC is individual, it requires engagement of the hospital, department, unit to support by its infrastructure the research conducted.

When taking a leading position in the conduct of a clinical trial, principal investigator, research leader, an Active membership to the organization is compulsory.

For more information about membership, consult the EORTC Membership policy or contact the EORTC Network Relationship Office.

Young and Early Career Investigators Opportunities

Active – Early Career investigators
Members in the first 10 years of their professional career. They are considered to be the young generation on which the Organization can build the future. Some Early Career programs are available across the various groups that encourage the members to take a leading role in their activities.

Affiliate – Young Investigators
Individuals in process of obtaining full qualification in the oncology research area, are flagged as Affiliate – Young Investigators.

Some Young Investigator programs are available across the various groups.

Young investigators require a mentorship of an Active member in the field of their interest.
Once obtained their board qualification in their specialty, and employed in an EORTC eligible area, research infrastructure, the Young Investigator can apply for Active – Early Career Investigator membership.

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