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Conflict of Interest – Confidentiality (POL001)

This policy defines areas of potential conflict of interest and identifies when disclosure of interests should be provided to ensure appropriate level of transparency and eventually place limitations on participation in EORTC activities.

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Protection of Human Subjects Participating in Clinical and Translational Research (POL002)

Protection of Human Subjects Participating in Clinical and Translational Research (POL002)
It provides guidance on how to ensure the protection of the rights, safety and well-being of trial subjects pertaining to all EORTC activities within the European framework. This policy also ensures homogeneous conduct of studies involving biological material from patients who have participated in EORTC clinical trials.

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Research Misconduct (POL003)

It describes the review of research misconduct allegation and the subsequent investigation and outcome.

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Independent Data Monitoring Committees for EORTC studies (POL004)

It describes the use of Independent Data Monitoring Committees in EORTC clinical trials.

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Intergroup Studies (POL005)

It outlines the EORTC policy on intergroup studies in order to facilitate this type of collaboration.

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Criteria and guidelines for giving the EORTC label to scientific meetings (POL006)

Its describes what is an EORTC labeled meeting and conditions to use the EORTC logo.

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Scientific Audit Committee (POL007)

It describes the responsibilities of the Scientific Audit Committee (SAC) and the process of EORTC group review.

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Data Sharing (POL008)

It defines the terms and conditions under which electronic records of individual data from all or from subsets of the patients from EORTC studies may be shared with other organizations or individual researchers for the purpose of scientific research projects or may be posted on data repositories.

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Publication Policy (POL009)

It describes EORTC policy regarding release and publication of results from EORTC clinical studies (including all ancillary research) and from EORTC research projects.
This policy covers timing of release of results, authorship and acknowledgements rules for both abstracts/presentations and peer reviewed publications as well as the process of review by EORTC Headquarters. Compatible Group-specific requirements or contractual agreements may complement the present policy when applicable.

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Translational Research Advisory Committee (TRAC) (POL014)

It outlines the missions and tasks of the Translational Research Advisory Committee (TRAC) and the interaction with the EORTC Headquarters (HQ).

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EORTC principles for investigational sites activation (POL018)

Describes the principles for investigational site participation to EORTC studies.

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Developing EORTC Guidelines, Expert Opinions, and the use of EORTC Results in Promotional Material on Cancer Care (POL019)

EORTC as a clinical research organisation needs to create a structure for the development and approval of documents that are published as recommendations. These documents are encouraged, as they will increase the EORTC’s visibility and quality of cancer care and should be published in a peer reviewed journal. The forms of these recommendations need to comply with international references for level of evidence and be in compliance with EORTC missions. This policy does not apply to individual studies but to the recommendations dedicated to a specific clinical or methodological situation.

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Human Biological Material Collection, Storage and Use (POL020)

It defines the collection or acquisition, processing, and storage of Human Biological Material (HBM) in EORTC clinical studies and research projects, as well as the conditions of use of the HBM.
The principles developed in this policy apply to all EORTC clinical studies and research projects, as well as intergroup studies for which EORTC is the coordinating group.

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Protection of Personal data (POL021)

EORTC legitimate mission is to coordinate and conduct throughout its network and in collaboration with third parties,
international prospective and retrospective translational and clinical research to improve the standard of cancer
treatment for patients. Aside this primary mission, EORTC also develops and improves research methodologies and
tools and organizes educational events and courses. Last, but not the least, EORTC also raises funds to support its
This policy describes how EORTC ensure protection of personal data it processes as a data controller and as a data

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Reporting of genetic results and incidental findings (POL022)

This document defines the policy of EORTC in regard to reporting genetic findings to the treating clinicians. The clinician will decide if and how to report those findings to the patient.

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Membership (POL023)

The objective of this policy is to describe the principles for membership to the EORTC. It defines the types, the process for application, approval, review and renewal. It also defines the decisions that can be taken towards members that breach the “Terms and Conditions“.

The steps described in this policy require compliance by all Groups and Task Forces, all referred to as “Groups” in this policy.

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