EORTC HQ Directors


    Denis Lacombe

    Dr. Denis Lacombe is involved in the coordination and administration of all EORTC activities to promote EORTC as a major European organisation in cancer clinical and translational research. He is responsible for scientific and public policy activities, developing and implementing medium-term strategies as defined by the EORTC Board, and internal and external communications.

  • Headquarters Director

    Vassilis Golfinopoulos

    Dr. Vassilis Golfinopoulos oversees the daily operation of the EORTC Headquarters. His tasks include developing and implementing the scientific strategy, and supporting organisational initiatives.

  • Scientific Director

    Jan Bogaerts

    Dr. Jan Bogaerts oversees operational and methodological aspects of conducting EORTC’s international clinical studies, including the Statistics, Information Technology and Data Management departments.

  • Projects Director

    Pascale Baltus

    Pascale Baltus leads and develops the team of Project Managers  to ensure  timely, operational and financial end-to-end performance of the EORTC projects portfolio, and she oversees the development and implementation of tools and methods for efficient project management within EORTC organization.

  • Chief financial officer

    Christian Brunet

    As Chief Financial Officer, Christian Brunet is head of the Accounting & Finance and Contracts & Budget departments, and supervises finance-related processes within EORTC.

  • Operations Director

    Larissa Polders

    Larissa Polders oversees the operational aspects of conducting our clinical research activities as appropriately and efficiently as possible. By supervising and supporting the heads of clinical operations, data management, monitoring, pharmacovigilance, and regulatory affairs, in leading their respective departments.