EORTC HQ Directors


    Denis Lacombe

    Dr. Denis Lacombe is involved in the coordination and administration of all EORTC activities to promote EORTC as a major European organisation in cancer clinical and translational research. He is responsible for scientific and public policy activities, developing and implementing medium-term strategies as defined by the EORTC Board, and internal and external communications.

  • Headquarters Director

    Vassilis Golfinopoulos

    Dr. Vassilis Golfinopoulos oversees the daily operation of the EORTC Headquarters. His tasks include developing and implementing the scientific strategy, and supporting organisational initiatives.

  • Scientific Director

    Jan Bogaerts

    Dr. Jan Bogaerts oversees operational and methodological aspects of conducting EORTC’s international clinical studies, including the Statistics, Information Technology and Data Management departments.

  • Projects Director

    Pascale Baltus

    Pascale Baltus leads and develops the team of Project Managers  to ensure  timely, operational and financial end-to-end performance of the EORTC projects portfolio, and she oversees the development and implementation of tools and methods for efficient project management within EORTC organization.

  • Chief financial officer

    Christian Brunet

    As Chief Financial Officer, Christian Brunet is head of the Accounting & Finance and Contracts & Budget departments, and supervises finance-related processes within EORTC.