To stay true to our mission to improve treatment for patients and shape the future of cancer therapy, our research is fully independent. EORTC is a non-profit organisation under Belgian law, with no direct government subsidy. Our revenue comes from grants from institutional, corporate and private donors and fees charged for studies conducted with partners or services to the oncology community (such as running scientific events).

EORTC is grateful to all its supporters, who help ensure therapeutic progress for patients.

EORTC foundations

Core funding comes from donations collected through independent EORTC foundations: the EORTC Cancer Research Fund (ECRF), Friends of EORTC in the UK and Fondation Française pour la Recherche et le Traitement du Cancer in France and Fonds Cancer (FOCA) in Belgium.

Public foundations & National Cancer Leagues:

Private donations:

  • Anticancer Fund
  • Armonea
  • Bettina Von Siemens-Schicht
  • Broughton Family Charitable Trust
  • Cayzer Trust Cy
  • Davie-Thronhill Esq.
  • Family de Spoelbergh
  • Family du Monceau de Bergendal
  • Gillings Foundation
  • Le Fonds Baillet Latour
  • Lloyds TSB Private Banking
  • Marc Leland
  • Oscar Lewisohn
  • Movember
  • Mrs Newton
  • Pfizer Foundation
  • Porticus
  • Michael Samuel Charitable Trust
  • Schroeder Foundation
  • Soditic
  • Lady Solti
  • WMS Dougdale

Partnerships with other research groups

To maximize the impact of research and recruit large numbers of patients in our trials in the shortest possible time, EORTC is taking part in many collaborative clinical trials with other cancer research groups across the globe, which are financed through various sources.

Corporate Social Responsibility programmes

Some corporations support EORTC activities through grants or donations. For example, Walgreens Boots Alliance has an international partnership with EORTC whereby funds raised contribute to the SPECTAcolor Biobank studying advanced colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon or rectum, also known as bowel cancer).

EU projects

The European Union supports projects with great public health value, providing funding that is not otherwise available. Over the years, EORTC has participated in numerous projects funded by the European Commission in various cancer and clinical research-related fields. We believe our participation in these programmes confirms EORTC’s position as a top-class, independent clinical research infrastructure.

  • Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI): EORTC is a major participant in the Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI), involved in seven funded projects and coordinating two of them: QuIC-ConCePT, an imaging program aiming to qualify and validate biomarkers and TRISTAN, developing imaging biomarkers as reliable methods for drug safety assessment.
  • Horizon 2020: EORTC is participating in various H2020 projects including MoTriColor, where we are supporting three molecularly-guided clinical trials in colorectal cancer patients.

Funding from industry

Clinical studies evaluating new drugs for potential registration, or testing therapeutic agents, are conducted in partnership with commercial organisations. This funding is subject to EORTC’s strict principles of independence. Pharmaceutical companies also provide support for EORTC conferences in the form of ‘unrestricted grants’.