Liaison Offices

EORTC Liaison Offices foster the development of collaborative clinical cancer research projects involving the body and other international cancer research organisations. These offices also provide support to EORTC members at a national level, to facilitate administrative and regulatory operations for trials.

Liaison Officers: Justine Bobinnec, Isabelle Jallut; Liaison Office Supervisor: Nourredine Ait-Rahmoune

Germany – Charité Comprehensive Cancer Center
Liaison Officer: Christian Sigler; Liaison Office Regulatory Experts: Susanne Ziegler & Gaukhar Iliyas

Poland – Centrum Onkologii- Instytut
Liaison Officers: Patrycja Buczak-Kula, Agnieszka Byszek

United Kingdom – NIHR Clinical Research Network
Liaison Officers: Liz Flackett, Julie Kitcheman