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EORTC is committed to helping build and strengthen the oncology community’s capabilities. We offer a number of educational events and numerous educational modules. These enable clinicians, students, scientists and others involved in designing, managing or implementing clinical trials to acquire and develop a solid knowledge of clinical trial methodology, or to explore new developments in cancer treatment and molecular understanding. We also welcome dozens of fellows annually to support their professional development in various aspects of clinical research.

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EORTC Courses

Clinical Trial Statistics for Non Statisticians

Brussels, BE

Develop the statistical knowledge required to better understand today’s cancer clinical trials!

Today, statistics are foundational to understand clinical trials. This EORTC course provides an introduction to the statistical methods used for the design, conduct and analysis of cancer clinical trials. It will insist on the philosophy and provide a deep understanding of the statistical principles whilst avoiding too technical formulations. With this course, the attendees will be better equipped to design their own clinical research, work in a multidisciplinary team involving statisticians and to critically appraise the scientific value of published research.

This course is aimed at non-statisticians who work in clinical research or at statisticians with little or no experience in clinical trials. For those attendees, who do not have any basic training in general statistics, an optional half day introduction course to statistics and probability (incl. notions of experiment, random variable, distributions, estimations, hypothesis testing) is organized before the official start of the course.

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