EORTC’s clinical trials cover all types of cancer and all oncological disciplines. We work on over 200 research studies, including clinical trials at various stages of their life cycle and retrospective research projects.

We address strategic clinical questions, responding to unmet needs.

EORTC aims to improve treatment and patient care by approaching clinical and translational research from a multidisciplinary perspective. Helping develop new biomarkers, precision treatments, multiple treatment options and healthcare delivery models, EORTC is at the heart of transformations that will define the therapies of tomorrow:

  • Biology/imaging-driven trials
  • Integrated translational research
  • Innovative screening platforms
  • High-quality data from various sources focusing on patient and social outcomes such as quality of life, health economics and Health Technology Assessment
  • Highly-targeted pivotal trials
  • Population-based studies looking at real-world data

EORTC has the flexibility and skills to design, develop and conduct clinical studies independent of tumour histology, based on the idea that the presence of a molecular marker can predict response to a targeted therapy. Our infrastructure can support multiple tumour types and molecular markers.

Since the late 1970s, EORTC has developed a number of tailored tools and skills, enabling effective and qualitative management of increasingly diverse and complex clinical study data. Our databases include information from multiple sources, including clinical, radiotherapy, diagnostic, molecular imaging and biological samples.

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