As a unique cancer clinical and translational research platform, EORTC occupies a strategic position in Europe. To address the multidisciplinarity of oncology in a complex regulatory environment, EORTC has created a complete clinical research infrastructure which builds on its internal and external expertise through mutually beneficial partnerships to develop knowledge and advance therapeutic progress. 

 EORTC engages strategically with other stakeholders who share EORTC’s objectives to improve survival rates and quality of life for patients with cancer. EORTC promotes a partnership model where each stakeholder lends its expertise with clearly defined responsibilities and a well-established infrastructure, while adhering to our principles of independence and quality. 

 EORTC partners and supporters include funders and partners ranging from professional societies to patient advocacy groups to cancer leagues to government organisations to members of the healthcare industry, as well as clinical research networks (in the context of Intergroup collaborations), and media/publishing organisations.