EORTC’s unique integrated clinical research infrastructure particularly suits cross-tumour projects and rare, complex clinical situations that require international, multidisciplinary collaboration. EORTC is the only independent clinical research organisation in Europe which brings together all these features in an environment that complies fully with regulation. This includes testing more effective therapeutic strategies based on drugs, surgery or radiotherapy, plus pathology, imaging and translational research programmes:

  • Rare cancers
  • Screening platforms for access to molecular sub-entities, optimising understanding of patterns of relapse and resistance
  • Multidisciplinary drug development extending to new research areas such as radiation oncology and combination therapies (drug-drug; drug-radiotherapy-surgery)
  • Cross tumour activities, transversal histology, multi-tumour approaches
  • Specific clinical situations: organ-based, such as bone or brain metastases
  • Technical expertise platforms: imaging research
  • Big data: real life, registries, Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

EORTC brings :
Reach and diversity

  • A network of multidisciplinary scientists and clinics with established expertise across tumours and high recruitment capacity
  • Scientific advisory and peer review committees driven by key opinion leaders
  • Partnerships with professional societies, patient, government, and health organisations
  • Established experience in screening platforms for molecular sub-entities, multidisciplinary drug development extending to new research areas, combination therapies, platforms for understanding mechanisms of resistance, transversal histology, multi-tumour approaches, ….

Processes and systems

  • Completely-integrated database system with documented and auditable processes: CRF part 11 and CDISC compliant
  • Fully-operational Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) technical expertise platforms for biological material, radiation oncology and complex imaging
  • A high-level academic environment framed into standards validated by regulators
  • Data aggregation capacities, notably applicable for real life research projects where the organisation has acquired the capacity to aggregate data from various sources to address complex questions such as survival, outcome research, quality of life, long term toxicities, and secondary cancers.

EORTC gathers all the required know-how to perform international clinical research, either directly or through its multiple partnerships and deployment programmes. EORTC offers a comprehensive view of the global landscape of clinical research, providing a simple platform to implement projects and access information.

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