Have you thought about working for a non-profit and independent organisation?

Our research is conducted under conditions of unwavering independence and accountability and all results are made public, to ensure patients and the oncology community benefit from our learnings.

Do you want to work in an international and multicultural environment?

A strong aspect of EORTC is people itself and the multicultural environment.

The staff consists of over 35 nationalities sharing the same values. Also this organisation gives you the opportunity to work with world-renowned experts in oncology.

Would you like to work in a research area that has a positive impact on cancer patients’ lives?

EORTC is developing and conducting over 200 clinical trials across 48 countries worldwide.

EORTC organizes clinical research in multiple cancers in all aspect of cancer care: surgery, radiotherapy, imaging, quality of life and systemic treatment.




Why work at EORTC?

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to increase cancer patients’ survival and quality of life by coordinating and conducting international translational and clinical research.

Our vision is to ensure the best standard of care for cancer patients.