Launched at the University of Leeds at the end of 2007, the UK EORTC Liaison Office was initiated by EORTC and operates in partnership with NIHR CRN: Cancer and CR-UK. The Liaison Office provides a comprehensive regulatory and collaborative service for UK investigators and EORTC. With an ongoing need to increase the number of international studies and form genuine research collaborations, the UK Liaison Office main missions are:

  • Facilitate rapid implementation of new EORTC studies in the UK and provide guidance to UK investigators conducting EORTC studies
  • To facilitate (if required) study collaboration between national groups (UK NCRI Clinical Studies Groups) and EORTC Research Groups.

What does the UK Liaison Office do?

For studies led by EORTC or intergroup studies with EORTC participation not assisted in UK by a central CTU:

  • Main contact point for UK investigators and EORTC HQ
  • Manage Regulatory aspects for EORTC study activation (including HRA application for England & REC and R&D applications for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)
  • Support site contracts negotiation and collection of site-specific documents
  • Support participating investigators and study team during study set-up
  • Support the NIHR Clinical Research Network to monitor and improve EORTC study recruitment

Contact details:

EORTC UK Liaison Office is based at NIHR CRN: Cancer at the University of Leeds

Julie Kitcheman

Julie Kitcheman

UK investigators interested to develop studies through EORTC HQ with the participation of EORTC Research Group(s) please refer to collaborative opportunities described.

Current newsletter

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