Administrative information

Financial provisions

The fellowship program is not a standard work contract. It is an agreement for a period of one year renewable for 3 years maximum. The proposed annual grant is of 30.000 € paid quarterly, at the beginning of each quarter.

The amount awarded is tax-free in Belgium.


Other provisions

In addition to the grant, the EORTC is offering:

Insurance coverage for medical expenses: the Fellowship is not a salary and not linked to any social security nor retirement. This means that you will have to contribute yourself to social security in order to cover your health assurance. The EORTC will help you to subscribe to a basic health coverage and will pay for it
Special insurance in case of accident during your activities as a fellow and as well as accidents on your way to and from the office.
Holiday of 30 days per year
Support to attend professional meeting(s) during the course of the fellowship up to a maximum amount of 3. 000 €. This will cover registration fees, transport and accommodation
Public transportation: a metro (subway) subscription in the condition that you are registered in a Belgian population register.
Please note that:

The EORTC will not pay for the fellow’s accommodation: the fellow is required to cover all her/his own accommodation expenses and is expected to do so using the stipend
It will be the responsibility of the selected fellow, before making any travel arrangements, to ensure that he/she holds a valid passport as well as necessary visas.