EORTC QLG at ISOQOL Annual Conference 2019

The International Society for Quality of Life Research (ISOQOL) is an international academic society, which aims to advance the study of health-related quality of life and other patient-reported outcomes. ISOQOL will be holding its 26th Annual Conference in San Diego, California, USA, from October 20th to 23rd 2019. EORTC Quality of Life Group will be very well represented with members presenting a significant number of abstracts for this year’s conference, with 12 abstracts being presented of which five are oral presentations. These address topics such as how to standardize the analysis Quality of Life data in clinical trials (SISAQOL), how to understand the clinical significance of results and how to use the EORTC Item Library, to name but a few of the highlights. Mogens Groenvold will introduce the EORTC QLQ-F17 Core Function Questionnaire!

Professor Anne-Sophie Darlington, Chair of EORTC QLG said “it is very exciting to see so much of the group’s innovative work recognized at this important conference”. Indeed, and Dr. Andrew Bottomley, Head of the QOL department and co-author of several abstracts stated said “it’s the second year in a row that the EORTC has had 12 abstracts presented at ISOQOL, which demonstrates a consistent and high quality output of international standard.”

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Oral Sessions:

Establishing anchor-based minimally important differences (MID) for the EORTC QLQ-C30 scales across multiple cancer sites

Jammbe Z Musoro, Corneel Coens, Madeleine King, Mirjam Sprangers, Mogens Groenvold, Kim Cocks, Galina Velikova, Susanne Singer, Sjoukje Oosting, Yvonne Brandberg, Fatima Cardoso, Alessia Pochesci, Mitsumi Terada, Jean-Jacques Stelmes, Fiteni Frederic, Pogoda Katarzyna, Jaap Reijneveld, Linda Dirven, Martin Taphoorn, Elfriede Greimel, Andy Nordin, Eleonora BL van Dorst, Andrew Bottomley

  • Presentation number: B203.6
  • Speaker: Jammbe Musoro
  • Date: 22.10.2019 – Lecture time: 2:45 – 2:53PM – Location: Nautilus 2

International validation of the updated EORTC module for assessing quality of life in patients with lung cancer

Michael Koller, Omar Shamie, Marianne Hjermstad, Teresa Young, Georgios Ioannidis, Amelie Harle, Colin Johnson, Krzysztof Tomaszewski, Samantha Serpentini, Monica Pinto, Lotte van der Weijst, Annelies Janssens, Ofir Morag, Chi Weichu, Juan Arraras, Wolfgang Jungraithmayr, Cecilia Pompili, Marlene Hechtner, Despina Katsochi, Christian Schulz, Laura Gräfenstein, Karolina Müller, Dagmara Kulis, Andrew Bottomley

  • Presentation number: 205.1
  • Speaker: Michael Koller
  • Date: 22.10.2019 – Lecture time: 4:26 – 4:42PM – Location: Grande Ballroom AB

Measuring function: Introducing the EORTC QLQ-F17 Core Function Questionnaire

Mogens Groenvold, Neil K. Aaronson, Kristin Bjordal, Anne-Sophie Darlington, Dagmara Kulis, Claire Piccinin, Andrew Bottomley

  • Presentation number: 205.2
  • Speaker: Mogens Groenvold
  • Date: 22.10.2019 – Lecture time: 4:43 – 4:59PM – Location: Grande Ballroom AB

Incorporating quality of life into economic evaluation of cancer therapies: contributions of the Multi-Attribute Utility in Cancer (MAUCa) Consortium

Madeleine King

  • Presentation number: Symposium 5
  • Speaker: Madeleine King
  • Date: 23.10.2019 – Lecture time: 8:30 – 9:45AM – Location: Grande Ballroom AB

EORTC QLU-C10D valuation studies in various European countries – findings and outlook

Georg Kemmler, Eva Gamper, Bernhard Holzner, Richard Norman, Madeleine King

  • Presentation number: Symposium 5
  • Speaker: Georg Kemmler
  • Date: 23.10.2019 – Lecture time: 8:30 – 9:45AM – Location: Grande Ballroom AB

Poster Sessions:

Challenges of using Health-Related Quality of Life Data from Cancer Clinical trials for Retrospective Studies: the EORTC CATAPULT experience

Madeline Pe, Jammbe Musoro, Justyna Mierzynska, Mekdes Taye, Corneel Coens, Hans-Henning Flechtner, Yvonne Brandberg, Fatima Cardoso, Mogens Groenvold, Jolie Ringash, Galina Velikova, Anastassia Negrouk, Andrew Bottomley

  • Poster number: 1102
  • Poster presenter: Madeline Pe
  • Date: 21.10.2019 – Lecture time: 3:20 – 4:00PM – Location: Grande Ballroom C

Evaluating the use of patient-reported outcome measures for improving inter-rater reliability of com- mon terminology criteria for adverse event ratings

Bernhard Holzner, Johannes M. Giesinger, Juan I. Arraras, Amelie Anota, John Ramage, Claudia Schmalz, Krzysztof Tomaszewski, Galina Velikova, Irma Verdonck-de Leeuw, Lisa M. Wintner

  • Poster number: 2062
  • Poster presenter: Bernhard Holzner
  • Date: 22.10.2019 – Lecture time: 3:35 – 4:15PM – Location: Grande Ballroom C

Development of standard EORTC CAT Core short forms

Morten Aagard Petersen, Mogens Groenvold

  • Poster number: 2054
  • Poster presenter: Morten Aagard Petersen
  • Date: 22.10.2019 – Lecture time: 3:35 – 4:15PM – Location: Grande Ballroom C

Phase III development of an EORTC QOL cancer survivorship assessment strategy: pretesting of provisional questionnaires

Marieke van Leeuwen, Neil Aaronson, Jacobien Kieffer, Lonneke Van de Poll-Franse

  • Poster number: 2042
  • Poster presenter: Lonneke Van de Poll-Franse
  • Date: 22.10.2019 – Lecture time: 3:35 – 4:15PM – Location: Grande Ballroom C

Seeking a Mutual Understanding of Health-Related Quality of Life Domains: Mapping the EORTC QLQ-C30 onto the WHO-ICF

Claire Piccinin, Dagmara Kulis, Emma Lidington, Andrew Bottomley, Anne-Sophie Darlington, Olga Husson, Mogens Groenvold

  • Poster number: 2044
  • Poster presenter: Claire Piccinin
  • Date: 22.10.2019 – Lecture time: 3:35 – 4:15PM – Location: Grande Ballroom C

Road to comprehensibility: development and translation of the EORTC IADL-BN32 questionnaire

Dagmara Kulis, Linda Dirven, Martin Taphoorn, Quirien Oort, Andrew Bottomley

  • Poster number: 3014
  • Poster presenter: Dagmara Kulis
  • Date: 23.10.2019 – Lecture time: 3:25 – 4:05PM – Location: Grande Ballroom C

Improving standards of patient reported outcomes analysis: matching statistical methods to key research objectives – a SISAQOL initiative

Corneel Coens, Madeline Pe, Ethan Basch, Melanie Calvert, Alicyn Campbell, Charles Cleeland, Kim Cocks, Laurence Collette, Nancy Devlin, Lien Dorme, Amylou C Dueck, Hans-Henning Flechtner, Carolyn Gotay, Ingolf Griebsch, Mogens Groenvold, Laura Lee Johnson, Madeleine King, Paul G Kluetz, Michael Koller, Daniel C Malone, Francesca Martinelli, Sandra A Mitchell, Jammbe Z Musoro, Daniel O’Connor, Kathy Oliver, Elisabeth Piault-Louis, Martine Piccart, Chantal Quinten, Jaap C Reijneveld, Christoph Schürmann, Jeff Sloan, Ashley Wilder Smith, Katherine M Soltys, Rajeshwari Sridhara, Martin J B Taphoorn, Galina Velikova, Andrew Bottomley

  • Poster number: 3060
  • Poster presenter: Corneel Coens
  • Date: 23.10.2019 – Lecture time: 3:25 – 4:05PM – Location: Grande Ballroom C


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