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Free webinar: HTx webinar – 11 November 2020

EORTC is a leading partner in an EU-funded project (H2020) aiming to set the standard to the next generation of health technology assessment (HTA) to support patient-centric, socially oriented and timely decision making for health technologies throughout Europe—the HTx project.

The oncology case study led by the EORTC focuses on the clinical efficacy and real-world effectiveness of proton therapy among patients with head and neck cancer. As a first step, we identify subgroups of patients who are most likely to benefit from proton therapy in terms of minimizing radiation-related toxicities. Thereafter we look into a bigger picture at the impact on population level to see how proton therapy save life and cost in contrast to the convention photon therapy for the society, nation-and European-wide.

The project has been kicked off Jan 2019. Despite negative impact from COVID-19, the case study has made significant progress. Together with our colleagues from Utrecht University and University Medical Center of Groningen, we would like to present you our current activities and achievement of the project.

Date: 11 November, 14:00-15:00 CET.


  • to present the reimbursement policy of proton therapy among head and neck cancer patients in the Netherlands and Europe;
  • to provoke early dialogue with key stakeholders, namely HTA bodies, patients, researchers, etc. looking at evidence to underpin decision making;
  • to foster and strengthen collaborations between multiple stakeholders.


  • Opening and welcome—Lifang Liu
  • A brief introduction to proton therapy (5 min)—Enricol Clementel/Marjan Sharabiani
  • What is NTCP model and the current reimbursement evaluation in the Netherlands—Prof. J.A.Langendijk (15 mins)
  • How NTCP models are built and its methodological challenges—A.M.Leeuwenberg/Ewout Schuit (15 mins)
  • Patients perspectives – Eurodis (10 mins)
  • Perspectives from other HTA bodies in Europe (ZIN) (10 mins)
  • Q&A (5 mins, moderated by Lifang Liu)
  • Warp up and steps forward—Lifang Liu

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