EORTC membership renewal programme - illustration

EORTC embarked on a membership renewal programme

In 2020, EORTC embarked on an ambitious membership renewal programme, in order to comply with GDPR regulation and to ensure that all information of its members are up to date. Following this renewal programme, EORTC can confirm over 2800 direct members coming from 730 institutions. The network comprises of members coming from 48 countries around the world, with the top ten from Europe.

Countries of EORTC members - graph

EORTC is a truly multidisciplinary organisation of which 15% are organ specialists. Its membership spans over 30 different disciplines conducting clinical research.

EORTC members profile - graph

“One of the uniqueness of EORTC is that we conduct trials across multiple tumours and the members are stratified across groups related to their tumour of interest. We are able to attract leading clinical researchers across the globe, conducting practice changing trials,” said Denis Lacombe, EORTC Director General. “As EORTC approaches its 60th anniversary next year, we remain fully committed to all cancer patients, our members, partners and supporters, ensuring the organisation stays true to its mission and paves the way to innovation in cancer care.”

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