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April 2021

Movember-ICECaP webinar
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Movember-ICECaP Webinar

Virtual Symposium Online

The purpose for the webinar is to provide a progress report on the projects detailed in the attached agenda.

Movember has graciously offered to support the wider ICECaP collaborations by facilitating critical co-ordination support and information dissemination of the projects. The integration of the ICECaP efforts into the Movember portfolio stems from a natural alignment of our shared goal to develop a strategic approach for decreasing deaths from prostate cancer with a concerted focus on high risk localised and metastatic hormone sensitive prostate cancer.

The presentations will be made available on the Movember-ICECaP webpage once it is developed.


For enquiries about the Movember-ICECaP Webinar, please contact icecap@movember.com