27th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) – EORTC session: Infections in cancer patients

A session co-organised by European Organisation for research and Treatment of Cancer and the International Immunocompromised Host Society (ICHS) and ESCMID about infections in cancer patients will be held on Saturday, 22 April 2017 from 16:30 – 18:30 at the 27th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) in Vienna, Austria. This session will take place in Hall L and will be chaired by Johan Maertens (Belgium), Chair of the Pathobiology Group and Murat Akova (Turkey), ESCMID Past-President and Publications/Communications Officer.

The objective of this joint EORTC / ICHS / ESCMID session is to focus on effective strategies for the treatment of infections in patients with cancer and recipients of a stem cell transplants as well as other severely immunocompromised hosts. Innovative approaches and new therapeutic and preventive measures will be explored.

Monica Slavin (Melbourne, Australia) is Chair of the Australian Society for Infectious Diseases Mycoses Interest Group and Vice President of the ICHS. She will discuss antibacterial stewardship in febrile neutropenia (low- versus high -resistance settings).

Livio Pagano (Rome, Italy) is Head of the Unit for the ‘Treatment of Hematological Malignancies in Elderly Patients’ and Chair-elect of the EORTC IDG. He will explain what the Infectious Diseases’ specialist needs to know about new cancer treatments.

Peter Donnelly (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) is the current Chair of the EORTC Infectious Disease Group (IDG) and will detail what can be learned from the EORTC and what can be done together.Each presentation will contribute to new insights in the latest developments concerning infections in cancer patients.

Claudio Viscoli (Genoa, Italy) is a former Chairman of the EORTC International Antimicrobial Therapy Group and has been a longstanding member of the steering committee of the EORTC IDG. He is a former President of the ICHS and former Chair of the ESCMID immunocompromised host group (ESGICH), and will talk about the current epidemiology of MDR/XDR pathogen-related infections in febrile neutropenic cancer patients.

Each of these presentations will shed new light on infectious complications of patients in cancer and provide new insights.

Denis Lacombe, Director General of the EORTC says “EORTC welcomes its partnership with ESCMID. It is a unique opportunity for EORTC as a clinical research organisation and ESCMID as the leading society in the field to join forces to address the challenges for managing infections in cancer patients”.

We look forward to welcoming you with the world’s leading experts at this highly interesting session.

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