Conclusions of IBCD 2018, the regulatory science meeting for precision medicine

The 2018 edition of the Innovation and Biomarkers in Cancer Drug Development Conference (IBCD) has gathered over 150 participants from over 15 countries and 3 continents to learn and share about the challenges of new drug development and biomarkers in cancer.

The focus of the IBCD meeting, which involved stakeholders from industry, regulatory agencies, academia and patients, was to explore the practical issues relating to how biomarker assay development could be more effectively integrated into drug development and regulatory approval processes to drive further progress in cancer-related precision medicine, all this benefiting society within a healthcare context.

IBCD offered unprecedented opportunities for cross-stakeholder discussions. Attendees and presenters repeatedly highlighted the need for dialogue-based decisions and a structured approach to biomarker development – from pre-analytical issues to routine use of biomarkers.

The meeting provided solid grounds for the evolution of clinical research towards the development of precision medicine, bringing together all stakeholders’ viewpoints on providing patients with better therapeutic options and access to innovation.

The outcomes from the conference will be published in the European Journal of Cancer and in the Clinical Cancer Research Journal.

To learn about IBCD speakers’ perspective on the conference: check their video’s interview

To watch the IBCD’s presentations: the webcasts will be available soon.

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