European Code of Cancer Practice

EORTC endorses the European Code of Cancer Practice

The European Code of Cancer Practice (The Code), an initiative coordinated by European Cancer organisation, is a citizen and patient-centred manifesto of the core requirements for good clinical cancer practice, in order to improve outcomes for all of Europe’s cancer patients.  It has been co-produced by a team of cancer patients, patient advocates and cancer professionals.  It has its origins in the European Cancer Patient Bill of Rights, which was launched in the European Parliament on World Cancer Day 2014 and won the prestigious 2018 European Health Award.

The Code focusses on informing and assisting cancer patients at all stages of their cancer journey. It sets out a series of 10 key overarching rights, and in particular, signposting what patients should expect from their health system, in order for them to achieve the best possible outcomes.  It is an empowerment tool to ensure the best available care is delivered for European citizens and patients. Each of the 10 overarching rights is linked to three questions that a patient/parent/guardian may choose to ask their healthcare professionals.

“The European Code of Cancer Practice represents an important step forward towards patient centred approaches for research and care, bringing together an unprecedented range of stakeholders sharing the same values to push forward the standards of treatment and care of cancer patients in Europe,” said Dr Denis Lacombe, EORTC Director General. “EORTC contributes, with great enthusiasm and pride, to the coordinated efforts of European Cancer Organisation.”

Read more about the code here.

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