EORTC questionnaires - electronic versions

A new license to adapt EORTC questionnaires into electronic versions

As of 15 May 2021, the EORTC will introduce a new license for any Electronic Outcome Assessment (eCOA) provider or other entity (e.g. CRO or pharmaceutical company) adapting – or “migrating” – the EORTC Quality of Life Group questionnaires and modules into electronic versions (e-versions) and making these e-versions available for use in clinical trials or other studies. This license is subject to a royalty fee when the e-version(s) will be used in commercial trials or studies. When adapting the questionnaires into an in e-version for use in academic trials, the license will still be required, however no royalty fee will be charged.

There are two types of licenses:

  1. The “Study Solution” where a provider will adapt an EORTC questionnaire for a single study; or
  2. The “Library Solution” where a provider will create a “library” of e-versions of EORTC Quality of Life Group Questionnaire, available for use in clinical trials and studies.

For any further queries regarding these licensing solutions, their scope and fees, please contact EORTC at: qol.contracts@eortc.org

With this new license, the EORTC aims to improve the quality and consistency of the e-versions of its questionnaires.

We thank you for your understanding of this evolution of EORTC processes and we look forward to a continued collaboration.

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