In Memoriam: Dr Martin Charles Mihm

Dr Martin Charles Mihm sadly died on 19th July 2022.

Dr Mihm had been a major figure in dermatopathology for the last 50 years. He has had an important influence in both the diagnostic and biological aspects of this subject, as well as having a phenomenally wide understanding of many scientific and cultural subjects. This is illustrated by his joint authorship of one of the most seminal papers in Melanoma Pathology (Cancer 1973), namely that describing a new classification of melanoma into nodular, superficial and lentigo maligna histotypes. Until that time in 1973, these types had not been separately identified, but that classification has now stood the test of time, prognostic significance and correlation with genetic molecular analysis.

Dr Mihm had been working as co-director of the World Health Organisation Melanoma Pathology program and contributed in establishing the importance of tumour-infiltrating lymphocytes as an important prognostic factor in melanoma. He has written over four hundred articles and co-authored twelve books.

Dr Mihm was an international figure, proud of his European heritage, and an enthusiastic supporter of collaborative work around the world.

He was a regular attendee of the EORTC Melanoma Group Pathology Subgroup Meetings held in various European cities. He will be particularly remembered for his contributions to the Pathology Working Group Meetings held regularly in Blackdown, UK. In that close-knit working environment, over a multi-headed microscope, his diagnostic skills and very deep understanding of the biology of the subject and his phenomenal recall of the literature were best revealed. This collaboration resulted in several publications, perhaps most notably that on Naevoid Melanoma reference Histopathology.

Beyond his scientific and teaching merits, Marty was a warm, funny, kind and generous man, with interest and love for history, opera, great art and fine food and with many godchildren around the globe. He truly was a special person who comes along rarely and who could share his gifts and brilliance with fellows, colleagues and friends. He was an admirable man who will be sorely and widely missed.

He was due to attend the upcoming EORTC Melanoma Group Meeting in Perugia, Italy in October this year, and his absence will be conspicuous and so much regretted.

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