Important new data from EORTC trials to be presented at ESMO 2022

EORTC will present significant new results, updates, and future EORTC trials in melanoma, soft tissue sarcoma, head and neck, testicular and lung cancer at the ESMO 2022 conference which will take place on September 9 in Paris. Once again, immunotherapy plays a leading role, as do patients’ quality of life studies. Eight abstracts were accepted, with four oral presentations, a proffered paper, and three poster displays.

EORTC data accepted at ESMO:

Cancer type Abstract Title Abstract Number/Presentation Details
Lung cancer LBA51 – Osimertinib treatment based on plasma T790M monitoring in patients with EGFR-mutant non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): EORTC Lung Cancer Group 1613 APPLE phase II randomized clinical trial Abstract #LBA51
Proffered Paper Session
Sunday, 11 September at 14:45
Testicular cancer 512MO – Outcomes of relapsed clinical stage I versus de novo metastatic testicular cancer patients: An analysis of the IGCCCG Update database Abstract #512MO
Mini-Oral Session
Sunday 11 September at 15:50
Melanoma LBA44 – Pembrolizumab versus placebo after complete resection of high-risk stage III melanoma: long-term quality of life analysis results of the EORTC 1325-MG/Keynote-054 double-blinded phase 3 trial Abstract #LBA44
Mini-Oral Session
Monday, 12 September at 09:10
Lung cancer 930MO – PD-L1 expression and outcomes of pembrolizumab and placebo in completely resected stage IB-IIIA NSCLC: Subgroup analysis of PEARLS/KEYNOTE-091 Abstract #930MO
Mini-Oral Session
Monday, 12 September at 14:50
Soft tissue and bone sarcoma 1491MO – New benchmarks for designing clinical trials in advanced or metastatic liposarcoma (LPS) or synovial sarcoma (SS): An EORTC soft tissue and bone sarcoma group meta-analysis Abstract #1491MO
Mini-Oral Session
Monday, 12 September at 15:20
Soft tissue sarcoma 1526TiP – TOLERANCE: An EORTC STBSG-QLG-ETF 3-arm randomized study on health-related quality of life of elderly patients with advanced soft tissue sarcoma undergoing doxorubicin alone three weekly or doxorubicin weekly or cyclophosphamide plus predniso(lo)ne treatment Abstract #1526TiP
Poster display
Melanoma 804P – Pembrolizumab versus placebo after complete resection of high-risk stage III melanoma: 5-year results of the EORTC 1325-MG/Keynote-054 double-blinded phase III trial Abstract #804P
Poster display
Head and neck cancer 706TiP – Phase III study assessing the “best of” radiotherapy compared to the “best of” surgery (trans-oral surgery (TOS)) in patients with T1-T2, N0-N1 oropharyngeal, supraglottic carcinoma, and with T1, N0 hypopharyngeal carcinoma Abstract #706TiP
Poster display
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