EORTC is supporting Clinical Trials Day on 20th May

Since 2014, Clinical Trials Day celebrates achievements from the clinical research community and sheds light on the importance of continuous progress in treatment and care for the benefit of patients.  

At EORTC, we dedicate our work to patients and all those affected by cancer. As Europe’s leading cancer multidisciplinary clinical research organisation, we unite research experts worldwide to define better treatments for cancer patients and improve their survival and quality of life.   

In the past 60 years, EORTC has entered over 210 707 patients in practice-changing clinical trials across various tumour types, including brain, breast, prostate, melanoma, head and neck, and soft tissue sarcoma. In 2022 only, 22 studies were open to patient entry, bringing science and knowledge to patients for therapeutic improvement.  

The Clinical Trials Day is a unique opportunity to enhance the value of independent clinical cancer research for multidisciplinary therapeutic improvement.
– Dr. Denis Lacombe, EORTC CEO.

This year, we would like to dedicate this day to pragmatic clinical trials.  There is a need to conduct independent pragmatic clinical trials studying the optimal way to use the drugs in a real-life setting. This can improve patients’ quality of life and also the sustainability of healthcare systems. 

We remain devoted to being “the place to meet” for oncology in Europe and beyond, bringing together disease experts, representatives of all disciplines, translational scientists, and other stakeholders to address the multifaceted challenges that lie ahead. This is the fundamental reason why EORTC exists and why our network plays such a vital role in driving progress and innovation in oncology research and therapy. 

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