• anastassia-negrouk-ecancer
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    EORTC’s Anastassia Negrouk speaks with eCancer’s Gordon McVie about European Data Protection Regulation

  • francoise-meunier-ecancer
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    Françoise Meunier, EORTC Director General, discusses issues facing cancer survivors

  • madrid
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    EORTC presentations at ESMO 2014 Congress

  • Gunnar-Folprecht-SPECTA
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    1 year in, SPECTAcolor is a viable cancer research model!

  • links
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    Links to ORTA and VISTA RDC

  • bone-review

    Monitoring the response of bone metastases to treatment using MRI and PET

  • survivorship
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    European Journal of Cancer issue highlights 1st EORTC Cancer Survivorship Summit

  • brain

    New research initiative to understand long-term survival with deadly brain cancer