• EORTC 1634-Brain Tumour Group trial in Post-Pubertal Patients with Newly-Diagnosed Medulloblastoma (PersoMed-I) receives support from Gateway for Cancer Research℠

  • International Brain Tumour Awareness Month - banner

    Surviving glioblastoma? EORTC Brain Tumour Group explores the factors that contribute to long-term survival

  • The brain tumour patients' charter of rights

    PRESS RELEASE: Advocacy Organizations and Professional Societies from Across the Globe Unite on Brain Tumour Patients’ Charter of Rights

  • Brain tumour

    Another successful EORTC rare tumour trial: latest CATNON results presented at ASCO

  • Brain tumour

    New trial in Glioblastoma – step forward in the battle against an aggressive and incurable disease

  • Protagen Diagnostics

    The EORTC Brain Tumor Group and Protagen AG announce their collaboration to investigate the immuno-competence of long-term Glioblastoma survivors

  • Brain tumour

    Interim Results of the CATNON Study – the Effects of Temozolomide

  • Tackling brain tumours – EORTC proves value of academic collaboration in the research of brain cancer