EORTC, CTI, and IRROG collaboration opens new opportunities in Ireland

In June 2022, EORTC and Cancer Trials Ireland (CTI) started discussions on the potential opening of the IRL network to a closer collaboration with EORTC.

Cancer Trials Ireland is an all-Ireland hub for cancer trials and as such the leading cancer research organization for Ireland. Their network represents multidisciplinarity, including Translational research scientists, data managers, and pharmacists, and covers about 98% of cancer-treating specialists in Ireland. With those similarities to EORTC, a closer collaboration between both organizations seems a logical next step.

CTI is organized in DSSG, disease-specific sub-groups, which match the structure of EORTC. Since June 2022 connections have been made in 4 major disciplines, Breast, Head & Neck, Brain and Lung, being the groups covering the largest incidence of cancer in Ireland. Together with the approach of CTI, the newly created IRROG (Irish Research Radiation Oncology Group) searched for closer collaboration with EORTC. The IRROG network covers the radiation oncology sites in IRL and focuses, likewise the EORTC Radiation Oncology Scientific Council (ROSC), on setting strategies in radiation oncology.

IRROG is supported by CTI for the set-up and coordination of its research portfolio. EORTC and CTI are working on a memorandum of understanding that will cover the intention for keeping the mutual network informed on planned, ongoing research that could benefit from a larger contribution. All members of CTI can become members of EORTC for allowing direct communication and acknowledgement of CTI membership. As such the IRL network will have a direct connection with the EORTC for new projects and research opportunities.

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