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Established in 1991 to promote European cancer clinical research, the EORTC Fellowship Programme encourages physicians, statisticians, scientists, and other experts from all over the world to work for up to three years at the EORTC headquarters in Brussels. It offers opportunities to learn the principles of cancer clinical research by being attached to a specific EORTC group, a medical or a methodological research programme. It is a unique way to absorb all aspects of creating, activating, and bringing cancer clinical research projects to maturity as a member of one of our Diseases Oriented Group teams.

Why apply?

  • Training in clinical research methodology
  • Opportunity to work on publications
  • Possibility to learn from international oncology specialists
  • Use rich EORTC databases
  • Become an expert in your field
  • Build and expand your network
Support for the EORTC Fellowship Programme comes from several sources, and more than 200 fellowships covering over 40 countries have been awarded.
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Open Fellowships

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    Fellowship in Quality of Life

  • Fellowship

    Fellowship in Biostatistics (2024-2025)

There are no open fellowships at the moment.


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