EORTC 60th Anniversary

Brussels, BE

The EORTC celebrated its 60th Anniversary on September 30th, 2022 – bringing together our members, partners, patient advocates and other key stakeholders in cancer research.

Beyond celebrating EORTC’s past through revisiting this organisation’s remarkable achievements, this event looked to the future as EORTC adapts to a changing landscape. Key experts gave insights on how clinical cancer research has evolved, and what the future should look like for the EORTC. There were discussions with policymakers on how clinical research can help shape European policies and how EU institutions can facilitate a comprehensive European agenda for clinical cancer research moving forward.

As more people are affected by cancer, there is a critical need for better understanding this multifaceted disease and finding ways to optimise treatment options – through research and, importantly, through collaboration. Collaboration is part of EORTC’s DNA: we join forces with global partners across disciplines and across tumour types, to overcome global cancer challenges. This celebration was an opportunity to welcome clinical research groups from across the world to foster better alliances, reducing inefficiencies and striving for the best care for cancer patients, to ultimately improve their survival and quality of life.

Next events

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