Y-ECI LCG and Y-ECI ROSC Webinar – Session 2


The second session of the joint Y-ECI LCG and Y-ECI ROSC Webinar series, dedicated to the latest advancements and discussions on brain metastases treatment, will be held on 15 November 2023, from 18:30-19:00 CET.

The topic of the second webinar is “Technology and toxicity management in brain metastases“, presented by Dr Maximilian Niyazi and chaired by Dr Dora Correia. The webinar will start with a 5-minute introduction, followed by a 15-minute presentation and a 10-minute discussion/Q&A.

Key topics to be covered:
1. Technology in Managing Brain Metastases with Radiotherapy:
– Are there differences in clinical outcomes based on the technology used?
2. Managing Toxicity:
– What are the possible toxicities, and how can they be managed?
– When should we consider surgery, Bevacizumab, or steroids?
3. Repeat Radiosurgery and Re-Irradiation:
– What are the recommendations for administering repeat radiosurgery and re-irradiation?

About the speaker, Dr Maximilian Niyazi:
Dr. Niyazi’s primary focus in radio-oncological research is neuro-oncology. He has extensively engaged in integrating molecular imaging into radiation planning, translational projects related to biomarker signatures, and the modulation of radiation effects and radionecrosis/NTCP modeling. Another significant area of his expertise is the re-irradiation, where he has shown keen interest in dosimetric correlations and the dose-effect relationship in repeat cranial irradiation. A related field of his research is radiosurgery of brain metastases. His team has demonstrated that Linac-based irradiation of multiple brain metastases with a single isocenter is swift and effective, particularly comparable, if not superior, to whole-brain irradiation. Apart from his scientific endeavors, Dr. Niyazi actively participates in various committees to coordinate or develop guidelines and studies.

Please use this MS Team link to attend the webinar.

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